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Premises Liability

Dallas Accident Injury Attorney

Not all totally unexpected, serious injury-causing accidents occur on our streets, highways, construction sites, and industrial work locations. Premises liability cases cover a wide range of circumstances in which people are injured or suffer a wrongful death on a commercial or residential property, for which property insurance typically pays coverage.

Common premises liability injuries arise where there is a failure to keep walkways clear, maintain stairwells, handrails, lighting, or electricity. However, you may have a claim for any failure to repair or maintain the property that caused your injury.  We are experienced in handling claims related to slip and fall accidents and other incidents that cause serious injuries to our clients. Contact us for a free consultation.

Personal Injury From A “Slip And Fall” Accident

A slip and fall accident, or any type of “fall down accident”, can be serious, even fatal. A “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” accident can cause serious personal injury, and unfortunately sometimes result in wrongful death. Personal Injury Lawyer Tanja Martini [hyperlink to my bio]  has extensive experience handling personal injury cases resulting from “slip and fall” accidents.

Whether you live in Dallas, another city in Texas or anywhere in the United States, “slip and fall” accidents are serious, and should be handled as such. Don’t be a victim of negligence.  Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer [hyperlink to my bio] at The Martini Law Firm to fight your “slip and fall” case.
Slip And Fall Accidents Are Common Cause Of Injury And Death On and Off the Job​

Slips, trips and falls are some of the most frequent causes of accidents, both on and off the job. Each year in the United States, more than 300,000 people suffer disabling injuries from falls. Slips and falls can be fatal as well, ranking second only to automobile accident deaths, causing nearly 12,000 deaths a year. “Slip and fall” accidents are serious, and should be handled like any serious injury.  Whether your accident happened at work, at a hotel, or in a store, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer [hyperlink to my bio] at The Martini Law Firm to to be sure your rights are protected.

Anyone can suffer an injury on another’s property. For example,

Two Common Accident Types Defined 

​“Slip And Fall”

A slippery or improper floor surface can cause “slip and fall” accidents. Flooring such as slick tile and marble can cause slips and can be dangerous if not properly treated. Flooring that has been improperly sealed or waxed can cause the flooring to be slippery and cause an accident. Spilled liquids or foods can also cause a slippery surface leading to a “slip and fall.”​

​“Trip And Fall”​

An object intruding into a walking area, such as a misplaced box or item in a store, or even a low object extending into the walking space can cause a “trip and fall” accident. “Trip and fall” accidents can also be caused by poor lighting in a walking area. Poor visibility in a walking area can cause missteps leading to falls. Improper handrails or a lack of handrails often leads to “trip and fall” accidents, not to mention being in violation of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). Unmarked or unexpected changes in elevation can cause a trip or stumble, resulting in an accident. Also, torn or insecure carpeting (carpeting that slips easily or is unattached), as well as wrinkled carpeting, is a common cause of “trip and fall” accidents.

Slip and fall injuries such as fractured ankles or back or spine injuries when a customer or employee slips on a wet floor that lacks signage to warn them of the slippery conditions at the store, club, salon, restaurant, etc.

Trip and fall injuries such as fractures when a hotel guest trips on cleaning supplies left in a hallway or a rug that is frayed or bunched up in front of a door.

Dog bites from a dog that is not adequately restrained on its owner’s property.

Being struck in the head or body by falling merchandise at a warehouse or store.

Suffering a bodily injury from a malfunctioning elevator or a door with a broken closing device.

Being sexually assaulted because a hotel or mall did not provide adequate security.

Dram Shop liability because a restaurant or bar served its customer drinks until he/she was intoxicated and then the customer drove and injured a person.

Failure to maintain, keep clear, and properly light stairwells, staircases and other common areas in apartment complexes, condominiums, office buildings, malls, hospitals, and other buildings.

A liability claim may arise where a negligent property owner fails to maintain the property and causes injury to anyone on the property. If you have been injured on the premises of another due to the negligence of a landlord, residential land owner, or commercial property owner such as a restaurant or retailer, our attorneys at The Martini Law Firm will assist you in pursuing a clam against every responsible party.

We are experienced in the following:

What To Do After A “Slip And Fall” Accident 

If you have suffered an injury due to a “slip and fall” accident, you should:

Seek medical attention for your injuries.

Take photographs of the scene, being sure to get good shots of the condition that caused the “slip and fall”.


Do not give statements about the accident to ANYONE without consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer first, especially to their insurance company. They are not calling to help you, they are calling to defeat your claim.

Do not sign any release or accept payment without consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Most importantly, seek an experienced Dallas slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer experienced in personal injury “slip and fall” cases will be able to help you through this difficult time.  The Martini Law Firm will handle your case at absolutely no cost to you unless we win your case. 

​Responsibility for “Slip And Fall” Accidents

It is the responsibility of a business or property owner to exercise reasonable care in the maintenance of their property, as well as to notify or warn visitors to the property of any hazards that exist and might cause a slip, trip or fall.

A business or property owner is liable for a “slip and fall” accident when they are negligent in failing to reasonably maintain their property or in properly warning visitors of latent dangers.”

Determining liability in a “slip and fall” accident can be tricky, involving many contributing factors. You should contact a personal injury lawyer with substantial experience in “slip and fall” accidents to determine the merits of your case. The Martini Law Firm will evaluate your case absolutely free.

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