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The Firm

Dallas Attorney Focused on Personal Injury, Business Law, and Commercial Litigation.

Remember, insurance companies and corporations are going to hire the best legal representation they can to fight for their interests.

Who will be fighting for yours?

The Martini Law Firm is a woman-owned and operated boutique law firm in Dallas, Texas, founded by experienced litigator Tanja K. Martini. We represent victims and businesses in personal injury matters involving slips and falls, work related injuries, premises liability, negligence, product liability, and injuries resulting from car, truck, motorcycle, and work-related accidents.

We also help individuals and businesses prosecute and defend claims brought by and against competitors, vendors, shareholders, employees, and customers. We can handle breach of contract claims, breach of fiduciary duty claims, fraud claims, and other general business disputes.

We pride ourselves on being accessible, efficient, and reliable. We are dedicated to providing the personal attention and consistent service often lacking at larger law firms. We represent clients in the same manner in which we would want to be represented: with respect, reliability, and efficiency.

At The Martini Law Firm we are trusted because of our dedication and relied upon because of our results. The recipe for that success has always been, and still remains, a simple one:

Bring together an exceptional legal team hailing from diverse fields and legal backgrounds;

Make the most of this legal experience and knowledge by instilling a culture of collaboration between the firm’s attorneys and support staff;

Encourage all members of the firm to continually strive to keep their legal skills and knowledge as sharp and up-to-date as possible;

Correctly apply and execute legal strategies proven to get results, or develop innovative strategies when new or unusually difficult problems cannot be effectively addressed by time-tested methods; and

Never forget who we work for and always be accessible and available to help our clients in whatever way we can.

Do not enter a dispute without a team you can depend on.

Contact us online or call us today for a free 30-minute consultation at (214) 753-4757

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